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Why I love Clapham - Lyvly's neighbourhood Ambassador Mike

September 30, 2019 - Read time 2 mins

Favourite thing about Clapham?

I love the vibe, it can be super relaxed and chilled for brunches or coffees and reading on the common, or walk 30 seconds and you're having an intense night out in Northcote Records until the early hours. There's markets on Northcote Road and Venn Street on the weekends, quidditch on Clapham Common on Saturday mornings, cocktails, quirky bars, great restaurants and great food.


Which members have you bonded with best in the area? 

My housemates (obviously), you kind of have to. I'm close to a lot of people in one of our other Clapham homes; Emma, Caitlyn, Monty, Evan and Amber and I have all hung out recently. Sometimes I find that with some of the other Lyvly homes in the neighbourhood, everyone kinda does their own thing, so it's great when I get to meet people who move to one of the homes that really 'buys in' to the community. 

What makes Clapham unique to you?

I'm from the north east, and so it's kind of like a home from home. I've been in London more than 6 years and always lived here - i've made a lot of memories (some great and some really not so great too!) 

How would you welcome a new member to the area?

Four Thieves is great for newbies, it's got a nice bar downstairs and a huge game room upstairs. Always an option for bottomless brunch, or a free Bloody Mary at Ben's Canteen if you're in the know. Or simply walking down Northcote Road on a Saturday morning if they're Clapham Junction based, or around Clapham Old Town if they're nearer the Common.

Northcote records

Top three tips for something to do in Clapham? 

The Dairy.

The Dairy.

The Dairy. 


(only joking, although they do absolutely amazing food. They're one of my top restaurant tips for London.)


Real top three Clapham tips! 

  1. Minnow in Clapham Common is a current Instagram hotspot for brunch and lunch, i've not tried yet but going with Amber this weekend!  But really the brunch options around here are so good - there's too many to list but Ben's Canteen, Brew, The Schoolhouse, Brickwood to list a couple personal favourites.
  2. Open mic night at Venn Street Records or Northcote Records on a Thursday (I think) sit down with a drink and enjoy the music.
  3. Nothing better than chilling on Clapham Common on a sunny afternoon. 
  4. Seriously though, go to The Dairy, even if you don't live here!

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