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Who are Lyvly's Chapter leaders?

July 10, 2019 - Read time 7 mins

Our Chapter Leaders (made up of existing members) play a central role in our member-led community. They look after a local area or collection of areas depending on the amount of members in each. Chapter Leaders have a set of responsibilities tied to building a strong sense of community. These responsibilities include:

  • Helping connect members
    • Offline: Host monthly events for the community
    • Online: Admin of area based online activity (Whatsapp etc.)
  • Point of call for all community knowledge
  • Attending monthly leadership meetings to discuss community feedback and progress
  • Supporting wider community initiatives - New Members Welcome, City celebrations etc.

What is a chapter?

We have Chapter Leaders for almost every area - meet yours by clicking the links below or scrolling through this page. 

Wembley, Harrow & Cricklewood
Dalston, Angel & Barbican (Looking for leader)
Stratford (Looking for leader)
Greenwich, Kidbrooke, Lewisham & Deptford
Canada Water (Looking for leader)
Elephant & Castle
Vauxhall & Pimlico
Brixton & Stockwell
Clapham & Battersea
Fulham & Putney (Looking for leader)


MEET THE leaders

Ricardo Twumasi


What sort of events will you host in your neighbourhood:

Gym or cycling sessions to get the Vauxhall crew's blood pumping. I'd also lead some people for walks along the Thames (we're so close in Vauxhall it would be stupid not to!) and dinner parties for new and established members. 

What do you enjoy about being a part of  Lyvly:

I really enjoy being part of the community and I recently attended a focus group where I had a great time and met some new Lyvly members who I'm really looking forward to seeing more of.

About me:

My main interests are sport, music and sci-fi. I was a professional athlete for several years, having represented Great Britain in triple jump. After a knee injury I’ve taken up cycling, which I now do 5 days a week. I also play the acoustic guitar in a band and love to record and play music.



A member of Lyvly since the end of 2018, he's already made huge impact through hosting our monthly new member drinks and creating countless connections across many chapters. 

He's an Analytics Consultant at Tableau and presents frequently on stage at universities, museums and conferences across the UK. 

Ryan in his own words

"Beyond loving meeting new people, I've also grown a reputation for smashing out an incredible Negroni. So expect to see me serving you one up at the next Lyvly event you attend!"


"My friends come to me when they want to do something spur of the moment and need someone they can count on to jump into the fray. As a rule I live for the honesty of a person's experiences without ever being judged for it, so I definitely get a lot of "let's go for a beer" for them to open up about the more embarrassing or shocking moments of their lives!"


Join the community

Andreea blog pic_Fotor2


What do you enjoy about being part of Lyvly?

The sense of community is great, and Lyvly offer exclusive experiences which make it easy to really enjoy the city you’re living in. The events also make it easy to approach people, you don’t just turn up at the bar and have to talk to a stranger.

We recently planned a dinner party the other day and suddenly the host’s house was unavailable. It took us about 10 minutes to find a different venue to host the evening, which is a perfect example of the community of kind and like-minded people that Lyvly is all about. 

Ed Prentice

Elephant & Castle


What sort of events will you host in your neighbourhood:

I'd like to start a regular boardgames night or hold a drinks reception every month in the amazing space we have in our apartment building. 

What do you enjoy about being a part of  Lyvly:

A desire to have a positive impact on something I think is worth doing well.

About me:

I would describe myself as: tall, smart, ambitious, determined, friendly, fun, sociable, polite, emphatic and very easy going.

Mike Stead



What sort of events will you host in your neighbourhood:

Pub quiz, Sundowners when available, chilled Sunday afternoon drinks - lots of drinks basically. 

What do you enjoy about being a part of  Lyvly:

I love to meet more people local to Clapham and being able to expand my Clapham network.

About me:

I've been described as a nicer version of Barney, from How I Met Your Mother, Neal Caffrey from White Collar, Harvey from Suits, and Don Draper from Mad Men. I guess this means I have a lot of suits. I'm a lover of whisky and wine, my whisky collection is forever expanding, pretty much the same as my suit collection, and I have more pairs of shoes than I care to admit. I’m constantly on the lookout for good cocktails and new food places to try.

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What sort of events will you host in your neighbourhood:

I'd love to host events to introduce people to the area, there's three big parks around, great pubs and restaurants that fly under the radar to people who don't know Balham - all great venues to meet and connect with members in our neighbourhood. I love to cook, so hosting BBQs in the summer is always on the cards. 

What do you enjoy about being a part of  Lyvly:

I love to see the community grow and as Lyvly gets bigger the diversity of the members does too. It's so good to meet different people with different interests that without Lyvly I may never have been able to connect with. I love having the opportunity to share experiences with them all. 

About me:  

I am passionate about equality of opportunity, keeping fit mentally and physically, and making a difference in friends' lives.

I play 11-a-side every Saturday from September through to May, and have done for the same side for 19 seasons now. Less regularly I’ll play a bit of netball, tag and ultimate frisbee, which helps top up the cardio.

Charlie Warren Lyvly


About me

Outside of surfing (which is what I live for), I'm super passionate about meeting new people (you never know the opportunities that might come about) and creating or supporting new products and services that positively change peoples lives for good. We've all got to have a purpose right?

What do you enjoy about being part of Lyvly?

I came across Lyvly at the start of 2019 and fell in love... The idea of putting social capital back in to cities through our community captured me (see above and you'll understand my 'Bingo' moment) and since joining HQ, have been building the community with some amazing members across London.

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