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Where To Live In London: A Guide For Young Professionals

July 3, 2019 - Read time 13 mins

There are 32 boroughs in Greater London. That’s 32 different areas that make up the city, each with their own particular culture, architecture and vibes. Often there are multiple towns within those boroughs as well. So if someone wants to know 'the best place to live in London',  there are plenty of decisions to make before you can work out how to answer that question.

Beyond the lure of central London’s tourist attractions, you may want the village feel of somewhere like Richmond or the bohemian hipster surroundings of Hackney. Choosing an area that suits your needs is vital, you don’t want to be looking for great nightlife and end up living miles from the action. 


Lyvly’s homes are across multiple postcodes in London, with members in every neighbourhood, but it’s good to have all the information before you start your search.

The areas where our members currently live, look a little like this: 


  • Putney - Green riverside west London living 
  • Fulham - Affluent neighbourhood next door to Chelsea
  • Clapham - Urban village with an excellent nightlife 
  • Stockwell - London’s little Portuguese corner
  • Brixton - Buzzing cultural centre of south west London
  • Balham - Popular with young professionals  
  • Vauxhall - Right by the Thames and Westminster
  • Elephant & Castle - Zone 1’s best kept secret 
  • Pimlico - Live right next door to the Queen 
  • Dalston -  bustling, cool east London neighbourhood 
  • Stratford - Transformed since hosting 2012 Olympics 
  • Canada Water - Docklands area perfect for Canary Wharf workers
  • Greenwich - Royal borough with pretty village vibes
  • Lewisham - Up and coming south east London town
  • Deptford - Riverside, former dockland area 
  • Wembley - Revitalised area no longer just for football fans
  • Angel That one in Newcastle's got nothing on this Angel 


Our community of young professionals are not all looking for the same thing. Whilst they’re all after a place to live, each individual’s needs can be very different.

We source our homes with that in mind, always making sure that there’s a wide range on offer, whilst creating a neighbourhood of Lyvly homes in each area to ensure there is a community feel everywhere our members live.




North London

How far north you go generally reflects the kind of life you are after. Traditionally very popular with young families, but there are plenty of areas that are really attractive to young professionals. 


Quite close to the centre is Angel. Home to a lot of creatives and media professionals, Upper Street has loads of great pubs and restaurants, not to mention the really cool ‘Screen On The Green’ cinema.


A little further on is Camden - famous for its markets, street food and alternative vibes. There’s a great live music scene, with venues like The Roundhouse and The Dublin Castle, and the beautiful Regents Park and Primrose Hill are just up the road. 




If you’re after a slightly more relaxed life, you should also check out Muswell Hill or Crouch End, maybe a little better suited to the ‘older’ young professionals amongst us. A slightly slower lifestyle, there’s a Waitrose there for your fancy food needs and they’re overlooked by Alexandra Palace, a great place for dog walks or just relaxed summer days. 


Wembley has recently had a huge amount of regeneration, and thanks to companies like Tipi, Wembley Park is a genuinely great place to hang your hat. There’s plenty of brand new apartments, well served by great shopping, independent restaurants and a brand new Boxpark and outdoor event space that’s amazing in the summer.


This is all just 20 minutes from central London and for a lot less than a lot of other north London neighbourhoods.



Average rental prices   



Crouch End


1 bed flat





*Figures from Movebubble 2018 Rental Report


Monthly Price of Lyvly rooms in north London 

  • Wembley from £999

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West london

The area that looks most classically ‘London’. The wealthiest part of the city, full of stucco-fronted houses, grand architecture and some of the prettiest and most charming neighbourhoods. 


Lyvly’s members can be found in Putney and Fulham, both right by the Thames. Really convenient for getting into the West End and Central London, whilst maintaining a leafy, suburb feel. 



A little further west and you come to Richmond and Wimbledon, both even leafier and more suburban. Richmond in particular has a great blend of architecture, history and wide open green spaces, including a huge park that’s home to hundreds of deer. 


Head east from Fulham and you’ll find more luxurious homes and expensive shops as you head through Chelsea, into Kensington and Knightsbridge. All beautiful areas, with high rental prices to match. 


If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable home to rent, Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush are brilliantly located to enjoy the delights of the more expensive post codes like Notting Hill and Holland Park but with a much lesser impact on your bank balance.


You are still really close to High Street Kensington, all the museums or Portobello Road where you can spend your weekends, with a quick, convenient commute into Soho or London Bridge. 



Average rental prices   





1 bed flat





*Figures from Movebubble 2018 Rental Report


Monthly Price of Lyvly rooms in West London 

  • Putney - from £1,000
  • Fulham - from £1,200
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East London

Cool, hipster and edgy or gentrified by middle class invaders? Maybe both. As prices rose across the city for young professionals, areas like Hackney became a new destination, especially for people in the creative industries.


In some areas, the older, established shops and restaurants sit side-by-side with artisan coffee shops, vape bars and niche cocktail bars, whilst places like Shoreditch are is unrecognisable from 10-15 years ago. 




Dalston is a melting pot of culture. You can find the best flat white, African produce and Turkish food within 5 minutes walk of your home. Kingsland Road is the hub of everything in the area, as well as the home of Lyvly’s Dalston crew.


The area’s fantastic selection of modern bars, restaurants and music venues means there's plenty to occupy your evenings. The Rio Cinema is an E8 institution - independent, locally run and hosts regular film festivals.


A similar vibe can be found in other nearby neighbourhoods in Hackney like Stoke Newington, Haggerston or London Fields


Less than a mile down the road is Shoreditch. Much more expensive than its Hackey neighbours to the north, it’s right next to London’s financial district and tech hub, in amongst fashion houses, market stalls and some of the best street art you’re likely to see.



One of the destinations for a night out in London, still maintaining a lot of the east London cool reputation it has built over the past few years. 


Further east you hit Stratford. A success story as impressive as the Olympic games it hosted in 2012. Once a place not many people would be rushing to live in, it’s now home to world class sporting facilities that sit alongside London’s biggest shopping centre.

Loads of new homes are being built to accompany the apartments built for the Olympic athletes, which have been converted for housing. It’s really convenient for getting into Liverpool Street, Bank or Canary Wharf. You’d also be joining a 50-strong Lyvly presence in the area, really giving you a great community for instant connections.


Average rental prices   





1 bed flat





*Figures from Movebubble 2018 Rental Report


Monthly Price of Lyvly rooms in East London 

  • Dalston - from £1,190
  • Stratford - from £1.075 


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Central London

Taking in zone 1, this is obviously the area with the most going on and you will pay a premium for the privilege. It all depends on how you value convenience and proximity to space, and probably how much you can afford to spend on your monthly rent. 


Soho is the centre of most things. Nightlife, restaurants, West End theatres, Chinatown - you name it, it’s there. You would almost certainly be living in a flat above a shop or eatery, but literally everything would be on your doorstep. 



A little further out you come to some of Lyvly’s community hubs. Elephant and Castle is a bit of a hidden gem in the centre of London. It’s close to the Southbank and Westminster and has had a lot of work to give it a facelift in the past few years to reflect the quality of apartment buildings being built. 


Straddling either side of the Thames you have Vauxhall and Pimlico. Pimlico has as much of a village feel as it’s possible to get in central London, lots of white-fronted homes, local boozers (pubs) and garden squares.


You’re close to power with Buckingham Palace and Westminster. With Vauxhall (technically Zone 2), there’s plenty of brand new, stylish apartment buildings, overlooking the river and a great transport hub for getting into central London or heading west. 


Average rental prices   


Elephant & Castle



1 bed flat





*Figures from Movebubble 2018 Rental Report


Monthly Price of Lyvly rooms in East London 

  • Elephant & Castle - from £1,350
  • Vauxhall  - from £1,250


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South London

Probably the part of London that you can find the best value for money of somewhere to rent. Areas like Clapham, Greenwich or Blackheath have always traditionally been desirable places to live, but in recent years, much like East London there’s been a spike the popularity of a number of areas south of the river. 


The most obvious example being Brixton. It’s the perfect blend of a little bit of edge, decently priced housing and an ever increasing number of cool places to eat, drink and party.


There’s always something to see or do, with a rich diversity in culture that hasn’t fully been overshadowed by the area’s gentrification.


It’s very popular amongst young professionals and a really quick journey into central London (and the first station, so you’ll always get a seat) It’s no surprise that Brixton is one of Lyvly’s most popular and populous areas. 


Just up the road is Clapham. It’s Brixton’s slightly posher, more polished (but equally successful) neighbour. All set around the huge green space of the common, running all the way up to Clapham North at the top of the high street, round to Clapham Junction, which is technically Battersea.


There’s three tube stops and a national rail station, a real mix of housing styles, from brand new apartment buildings to beautiful Victorian houses, and, of course, dozens of Lyvly members to keep you company.


The filling in the Brixton/Clapham sandwich is Stockwell, which is perfectly placed for both but a destination in itself. Home to London’s biggest Portuguese population, the custard tarts are enough of a reason to live there and become 50% crumbly pastry. 


South of the river and heading east, there’s Canada Water, home to some of Lyvly’s most beautiful new flats. One stop away from Canary Wharf and flanked by both the Thames and its own urban lake, you can live in Zone 2 luxury and enjoy all the joys of waterside eating and walks. 


The emergence of areas like Peckham and Deptford as areas young professionals are looking to move to is a reflection of the rise in the cost of renting in traditionally popular areas.


Much like Dalston or Brixton, there are elements of gentrification, blended with the cultures of migrant populations to create a great mix of diversity and independent shops, restaurants and bars. The cost of living is lower than many areas north of the river and there’s a fun and exciting vibe to get involved with if you live there. 


Average rental prices   



Canada Water


1 bed flat





*Figures from Movebubble 2018 Rental Report


Monthly Price of Lyvly rooms in East London 

  • Brixton - from £1,100
  • Clapham - from £1,150 
  • Canda Water - from £1,100
  • Peckham - from £1,267

Hopefully this will give you a little more insight into the incredibly array of experiences and vibes that London has to offer. There's so much diversity amongst towns that border one another, before you even start talking about north and south of the river. Lyvly can help you decide which area is best for you and guarantee it will be a home worth living. 


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