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Riverside Livin': Lyvly's Guide to Vauxhall

July 15, 2019 - Read time 5 mins

Vauxhall: Riverside livin'

Just under a mile southwest of central London and right by the River Thames, Vauxhall is in the borough of Lambeth. There’s a wide range of properties in the area, from social housing to terraced townhouses and flats. The 2011 census showed that just over 14,000 people live in Vauxhall, with professional and administrative roles being most popular. Keep reading and learn exactly why Vauxhall’s a great place to settle.



Vauxhall’s name comes from the late 13th century, from the name of a lead mercenary Falkes de Breauté. His home was known as Faulke’s Hall, which later became Foxhall and eventually Vauxhall.


The area was originally part of the Manor of South Lambeth, which was owned by de Breauté when he married into the Redvers family.


The area was also known for the market garden produce it generated, which is why New Covent Garden market is still held here today. Plus, when the railways became more popular, it became part of the inner London city and it grew into the awesome hub that it is today. 


Don’t worry about managing to do everything that Vauxhall offers, either. With Lyvly taking care of all of your bills, you’ve got more than enough time to explore the area and find a new fave hangout spot. Yes, that’s right; all your bills, including your heating, water, electricity, internet and everything else, meaning you can worry less about the energy for your home and more about having the energy to visit every spot in Vauxhall.


Views across the Thames from Vauxhall




Thankfully, Vauxhall’s very well connected. As well as the London Underground, National Rail services and buses are accessible from Vauxhall station.


It’s on the boundary of Zone 1 and 2, on the Victoria line. You can also get to London Waterloo on South Western Railway, which is just one stop away. It’s so easy to get around in Vauxhall, and there’s so much there too that you might never want to leave!

The Underground runs every 3 minutes, so no need to worry about missing your train.

What's it gonna cost me? 


Unsurprisingly, Vauxhall is on a similar level to other central London prices. A 1-bed flat would set you back around £1450 per month, with a 2-bed about £1800 and a 3-bed on average £3000. However, being so central has advantages and can save you a lot on travel and living costs. The Council Tax is based on the Lambeth borough bracket and is between £963.47 and £2890.39, depending on the size of your home.





Vauxhall’s affectionately known as VoHo, seen as a hub for nightlife and partying much like its namesake, Soho. It’s also very LGBT+ friendly.


There’s a great collection of bars and nightclubs including Fire, The Eagle, Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Club Colosseum, as well as an 8.5-acre park for those times you need to get back in touch with nature.


Axe throwing punks


Also, if you ever wanted to release your inner Viking, a quick trip to Whistle Punks is in order. Describing itself as 'urban axe throwing', you get the chance to take out your anger on a wooden board with a pick axe from about 6 feet away. A great form of therapy, I think we can all agree.


Plus, the MI6 headquarters is here, so whether you’re a James Bond fan or you’re fascinated by secret intelligence, you can get a closer look.


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Lyvly's Insider Guide 

We've got spies across London, scoping out where locals go. Jide, one of our Vaxuhall crew, knows the area inside out, so we asked him how to do Vauxhall properly. 


Where insiders eat

I love Fentiman's Arms, St George's Wharf and the Black Dog. They’re great for a pint or two. The food in the Black Dog is brilliant. All sorts of tapas and the menu changes all the time, so you can keep going back and get something different every time. 


For brunch, Italo Deli is great; everything’s fresh and it’s really quaint and has a very local feel.


Vauxhall Street Food Garden - it's a garden, with streetfood in Vauxhall


Where insiders go to unwind on the weekend

If I was going to have really 'Vauxhall' Saturday, it would start with a walk through Vauxhall park, where you can head to the animal farm. Then hop on a river taxi to St George's Wharf. 


Cross over the bridge into Pimlico and go check out the Tate Britain. Swing by Tamesis Dock, a barge bar on the river. Then, straight to Street Food Vauxhall for a comedy show and some amazing food.


If you wanted to keep it al fresco, Vauxhall Park or Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens are lovely, especially if you're looking for a great picnic spot.


Where insiders work out

Vauxhall Leisure Centre has a ton of great classes, plus there’s one of the biggest London CrossFit gyms too if that’s your thing.


I'm not sure there's anything more satisfying than a run down the Thames though, it's free and you're so close to some of the most iconic places in the city. If you go from Vauxhall Bridge, down to Westminster Bridge and back it's past all of Westminster and MI6. Sometimes i'm feeling super energetic and i'll push on to the Southbank, where I can see the London Eye and all of Embankment. I'd go early though, it gets really busy around there and good for running. 


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