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Meet Lyvly's Vauxhall Ambassador: Ricardo

August 19, 2019 - Read time 2 mins

Ricardo is a Psychology lecturer at King's College, but his career has not been spent entirely in the classroom. In a previous life he's represented Great Britain in the triple jump, and despite no longer doing it for a living, he's still a keen athlete and started Lyvly's cycling group. 

He's our man in Vauxhall, responsible for welcoming all the new members to the area, and we asked him about why the neighbourhood works for him. 

Favourite thing about Vauxhall?

"It's is so ridiculously central. It's well connected by rail, road and bike path to all of London. Perfect for a cyclist, as most of the routes into central London go along and across the Thames, then past Houses Of Parliament and Whitehall."


Which member(s) have you bonded with in the area? 

"I've probably connected best with my next door neighbour Ryan (I met him at a Lyvly focus group and his love for the community really shone through) and my housemate Harry.

When I got home on my birthday, Harry had put up signs and sprinkled birthday glitter everywhere! But really everyone in Vauxhall is awesome and friendly. If you ever need to chat,  just go knocking on house number 8 or 10 down what I call 'Lyvly Lane'!"

Lyvly Lane

What makes Vauxhall unique to you? 

"I work at King's College, and we have 5 campuses around central London. Vauxhall is the perfect location as it's almost perfectly equidistant to all of them. The new King's Hall, Atlas is just a few doors down from us for good reason!"

How would you welcome a new member to the area? 

"We'd head to The Griffin Belle pub, or I'd just introduce them to our lovely concierges - Mark, George, Carlo and David to name a few...they really go above and beyond."

Top three tips for things to do in Vauxhall 

"1. If you play any instruments, get involved in one of the Lyvly Sofar Sounds events we're setting up.

2. Vauxhall City Farm is just round the corner from us, and there's a petting zoo with some alpacas (Called Ben and Jerry... owned by Unilever).

Ben and Jerry

3. This one is super top secret. My favourite bar is called Tamesis Dock. It's a cool boat on the Thames with the best views of the sunset and Big Ben. Don't all go there at once though... we don't want this becoming an open secret."

Ricardo is one of our neighbourhood ambassadors, who help connect members in their area, as well as welcoming the newbies when they move in. 

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