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The Different Ways to Rent in London

October 20, 2020 - Read time 2 mins

So you're looking for your next home, and BAM suddenly you realise there's loads more to consider on top of the usual where to live, price points, and who to live with.

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Depending on where, with whom, and how hassle-free you want to rent, there'll be one that's right for you from the following 4 options!


🏘 One-bedroom

Perfect for: if you got some extra cash to splash, and want the whole space to yourself.

Not great for: if you want human connection. Also, value for money is questionable with a one-bedroom as you'll be covering maintenance and bills out of pocket. 


🏡 Lyvly

Perfect for: if you want to live with people you get along with, but also care about the property quality and minimising hassle. Your housemates are screened, the properties hand-picked and managed, and all your bills covered.

Not great for: if you want to live alone. You'll be living with 2-5 other like-minded people, and sharing communal spaces with them.

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🛏 Room in flat share

Perfect for: if you want the cheapest option possible. If you also don't mind rounding up the troops to pay bills on time, or not too fussed about having communal spaces or who you live with.

Not great for: any sort of guarantees. Your home might start to show (literal) cracks, you don't know if your flatmate can pay their share of the bills, and if maintenance will be available.


🏢 Co-living

Perfect for: lease flexibility (some start at a month), you want it catered from bills to cleaning. It's basically living in a hotel.

Not great for: having space. You'll have a bedroom and small ensuite, but usually you'll be sharing other communal areas (kitchen, living space) with your entire floor or building.

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... and for those with eye for detail, here's something for you

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