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making friends when moving to London

August 15, 2019 - Read time 7 mins

We know moving to London can be a pretty daunting process, especially if you don’t have many friends there. London can also sometimes feel like a lonely city, especially when you’re new here, but whether you’re into running, sewing, singing or..

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Cost of living in London

August 1, 2019 - Read time 9 mins

London has a reputation as being one of the most expensive cities in the world - but Londoners have a few tricks up their sleeves for making their money go a little further when living in the capital. 

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Deptford London guide

July 29, 2019 - Read time 7 mins

Deptford: Industrial Cool With A South London Twist

Tucked between Bermondsey and Greenwich, Deptford’s industrial charms tend to fly under the radar. But while everyone was looking the other way, this historic neighbourhood has been building its..

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Navigating a Career in London

July 22, 2019 - Read time 9 mins

Whether you’ve been hustling in the capital for a while, or are just getting started, Lyvly is here to help you navigate every stage of your career journey here in London.

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