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Survive and thrive in your first three months at Lyvly

September 16, 2019 - Read time 3 mins

When you move to the community, the hardest thing is normally getting started at Lyvly or knowing ‘how’ to get involved. We know that new members will be focused on getting to know their housemates, but there are some key things to do as soon as you arrive to help you get involved with the community straight away. 

Our community ambassadors

Meet your area ambassador

Meeting your area ambassador is an important step to getting connected. You'll be introduced to them via email before you move in, so make sure to get in touch. They will get you in the right WhatsApp groups, clued up about the local area, and will give you the low down on everything happening in the local community. 

They will know that you are arriving, so will reach out to say hello after you have had a chance to get settled in. 

Find out who your community ambassador is here.

Meet your neighbours

No house ever exists on its own. There is always another home with members not far from you. If you are in an apartment building then normally there can be at least three if not nine other Lyvly apartments around you. 

Your Lyvly neighbours will want to meet you, but might not know if you have arrived yet. So it might be down to you to make the first move. 

If you aren’t sure who your neighbours are, then you can speak to your area ambassador. They can connect you to help with introductions or just send you in the right direction to ask for a friendly cup of sugar 

Join MeetUp

Don’t forget that there is more than just your neighbourhood, things are always happening right across the whole of the city community.

Join MeetUp to find out about the next event and to see what is happening that might be of interest. It also includes events hosted by Lyvly HQ and our members 

Meet up

Follow us on Instagram

Our Instagram is an insight into more than just community. Follow us for updates on new homes, changes at Lyvly, blog announcements and much more.

It is a great way to see other members within the community but also to keep a finger on the new developments at Lyvly. 

Attend an event or join an interest group 

We know you are busy and have a lot going on. But grab a pal and head to your first event. Often it can be challenging getting the courage to go to the first one, but if you are worried your community ambassador would be more than happy to be your plus one.

Lyvly member BBQ

We have loads of interest groups - everything from running, brunch and theatre - there is something for everyone. Find your group of like minded people and start attending events and get togethers on the regular. 

Go to a welcome dinner 

These are held each month and are specifically for new members across the entire community. It is an opportunity to meet other members who have just arrived, but also meet some long standing members. Have a great night out at no expense to you, and enjoy making new connections plus asking any burning questions you might have. 

They're hosted by Ryan Biggs, one of our membership committee, who's really keen to help new members with their welcome to the Lyvly community. 

New member welcome

Host an event or start an interest group

Anyone in the Lyvly community can host an event or start an interest group. It isn’t limited to just one group. If there is something you are passionate about or you want to host a one off event, we would love you to. The first step is to create an event on Meetup, and take it from there. 

If you need help with admin, finances or ideas, then make sure to reach out to your community ambassador or Lyvly HQ for help.

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