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Shared living: not a fad

July 11, 2019 - Read time 3 mins

Recently published statistics around what we call "Generation Rent" have confirmed what we already knew; London is a renter's market, and shared living is gradually being cemented as a way of life. But we believe, and our whole business is based on this belief, that Londoners do not only share because it makes sense financially, but because they value the presence of like-minded, inspiring flatmates to enjoy life with. At Lyvly, what gets us out of bed in the morning is knowing that our members are happier because of the environment they live in. 

An opportunity for landlords

It is definitely a sign of the times that 60 per cent of Londoners are predicted to be renting by 2025. Whilst uncertainty is very much the overriding emotion when considering the financial future of Britain, we can only suggest that - as always - fortune will continue to favour the brave. With the surge of buy-to-let properties in London that have specifically been designed in order to maximise shared space, property owners, or landlords, are presented with a great opportunity that is both financially and emotionally rewarding; maximise on your rental income and help people live a better life by renting to sharers.

Your property can improve people's lives

Loneliness isn't and shouldn't be a negligible matter. According to the Office for National Statistics, results from a a survey of more than 10,000 adults, found that about one in 20 people always or often felt lonely, whilst it was particularly common amongst young people who were living alone. Loneliness was also linked to a lack of permanence or sense of belonging - prominent in young renters who felt few connections to their local community.

Loneliness is not in itself a mental health problem, but loneliness and mental health are very much intertwined, with one affecting the other. Anxiety, stress and depression often contribute to making people feel isolated, and isolation in turn, makes people feel more anxious, stressed and depressed.

In today's society where everyone strives for a life of perfection; where Instagram has set the bar of what it means to be "happy" by presenting us with far too many perfect moments (hence the term "instagrammable moments"), many youngsters are losing touch with reality and are disappointed at their own lives. This further enhances the feeling of isolation and loneliness. And whilst they may be constantly swiping, scrolling, typing, snap-chatting etc, they are mostly in need of the things that really connect people; things that cannot be experienced or shared through a screen. We believe shared living within a community of like-minded, inspiring people, can give young people the chance to truly connect beyond their working day; to share meals, to play sports together, to talk and to grow as individuals as well as a community, within a relaxing environment. 

Shared living is a choice

Whilst loneliness is particularly strong amongst young renters in big cities, it is definitely not exclusive to this age group. According to research carried out by Hamptons International, for its Monthly Letting Index, the demographic of sharers is widening significantly. What's even more interesting is that more than one in two of older renters (50+) said they could afford to rent alone if they wanted to – so it could be concluded that they actually prefer living with other people. 

Why? Because life is not meant to be lived alone. People are not machines; we don't want to wake up each day, go to work, come home, sleep and repeat. We work hard and play hard; we value the little things in life like having a great cup of coffee on a really comfortable sofa, sipping a glass of wine after a long day with our flatmate on our balcony; laughing, sharing, living. 

Maximising on your rental income and improving people's lives? No brainer. Rent your property to Lyvly and be a part of our mission. For more contact us at



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