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Why I love Brixton - by Lyvly member ellie

September 9, 2019 - Read time 1 mins

Favourite thing about Brixton? 

"How incredibly easy it is to get to anywhere in London. You're at the end of the Victoria line, so there's a double advantage of getting a seat every time and being able to get across London so quickly."

Which members have you bonded best with in the area? 

"Easily my housemates, there’s nothing better than coming home to the people who make you laugh and you can just chill out with whilst making your way through all the shows on Netflix! With the occasional house party thrown in, they really make living in Brixton so much fun!"

What makes Brixton unique to you? 

"Very personal and unique to me this one - how close it is to work. My office is in Victoria and it's less than 10 minutes on the tube. It's the absolute dream for a commute." 

Pop Brixton -1

How would you welcome a new member to the area? 

"A trip to Pop Brixton. It has the best mix of everything in terms of food and drink in the area. It’s also got a great atmosphere that really makes you feel as though you’re in the heart of Brixton!"

Top three tips for things to do in Brixton? 

1. Drinks in the Ghost Whale pub garden - it's an independent beer shop that's got hundreds of different beers and ciders, as well as a tap room and awesome outdoor space. 

2. Get some ramen in Pop Brixton - there's loads of amazing food stalls but I always find myself heading for a big bowl of noodley-goodness from Koi Ramen. 

3. Grab a table in Kricket - an awesome modern Indian restaurant. It's not your average curry house (not that there's anything wrong with that) and always got something exciting to try. 

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