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Lyvly's welcoming party - why new member drinks matter

October 22, 2019 - Read time 4 mins

Lyvly’s mission means we want to be more than just a property management company. Ensuring a low-stress home life and friendly housemates to live with are key elements of what we try to deliver -  but the events and sense of community are how we are truly building a community. The monthly welcome drinks have become a cornerstone of the Lyvly social calendar since they were started earlier this year by Ryan, one of our membership committee and part of the Vauxhall community. We sat down with Ryan to hear about why he decided to start the monthly meetup and the impact it has had one both him and the wider Lyvly community.

Ryan joined Lyvly in 2018 when he was looking for a fresh start in London following the end of a long term relationship. For him, the community aspect of Lyvly was a huge draw when he decided to make his move to the capital. “I’d toyed with the idea of getting my own place, however, I had no idea what the different areas of London were like and also I worried that it would feel hugely isolating as I didn’t know anyone there”. When he came across Lyvly, the offer of being part of a shared community really appealed; “I instantly fell in love with both the incredibly high quality of the houses and also the community spirit, so I put a deposit down there and then without even seeing the place!”

Ryan Biggs Member drinks

The man himself 👆(with the goatee) 

Ryan quickly realised that a community which supported people new to a city could be invaluable in helping someone settle a lot quicker. However, it wasn’t always easy to connect with members in other homes or in different areas of London. “I’d been fortunate to live in a six bed house and have strong connections with my housemates, however beyond that I had no idea how to meet or interact with anyone,” he says. “so much of the community was happening behind closed doors or within pockets of Whatsapp groups and only once I’d stumbled upon them did I realise so much was going on.”


“I’ve seen the Wembley and Vauxhall communities specifically brought together thanks to the friendships between members who met at our welcome drinks, so it’s great to see that those connections continue to tie the wider community together."


Ryan’s initial experience is what gave him the idea to start hosting welcome drinks for all new members - creating an opportunity for those new to the Lyvly fold to connect in person from the off. “I really wanted to make sure that any new member had instant access both to a group of people face to face, alongside knowing where and how to find the groups that mattered to them.” Ryan reflects "Welcome drinks ensures they have a ready-made network of people all over London to kick start their Lyvly adventure!” 

The welcome drinks are now held every month, meaning new members always have an event in their diary as soon as they join Lyvly. Ryan believes the positive impact that these monthly meetups have had on the growing community is instantly visible. “New members now get to hear about the events and socials happening across London and of course put names to faces, so when they attend other events they always have someone they recognise!” 

20190724-DSC01336 (2)

The first new member drinks

Not only do the drinks make a great launchpad for a positive Lyvly experience but they help to strengthen the bonds between existing members who are living on opposite sides of the tube map.

“I’ve seen the Wembley and Vauxhall communities specifically brought together thanks to the friendships between members who met at our welcome drinks, so it’s great to see that those connections continue to tie the wider community together.” he says. “It also gives the community a more accessible event that can factor into their schedule easily and we’ve already seen these inspire bigger and more exciting events and help launch micro-communities like the Cycling Club!”

For Ryan, hosting the events allows him to be an integral part of the community, and also help others feel part of it too. ‘It’s one of the best feelings you can have. London is one of the greatest cities on earth but it’s so easy to get lost in the noise and feel isolated and lonely. Giving people the chance to connect, build life long friendships and just have fun is always rewarding.” 

His advice for anyone who is feeling apprehensive about attending their first welcome drinks is simple - get in touch and come along! “It’s completely normal to feel nervous, everyone experiences it at first! But the best part about welcome drinks is everyone is in the same boat so it’s the best place to make those first introductions, and you can always reach out to me and we can meet up beforehand.” 

Come to Ryan's next event

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