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How Lyvly can make your move to London easier

February 6, 2020 - Read time 4 mins

Since the EU referendum in Summer 2016, there have been worries it would deter foreign nationals wanting to move to the UK for work - both EU and non-EU. The official statistics would not necessarily back that up. The number of workers coming from the European Union has, perhaps unsurprisingly, plateaued in the past 3 years but people from outside the EU employed in Britain is actually at an all-time high. 

Despite this, there is still a skilled labour shortage. For instance, the technology-centric industry simply doesn’t have enough scientists, engineers or specialists in the UK to help grow their businesses as quickly as they need. Overseas workers have become essential to fill the gaps that British people can’t - often due to a lack of relevant training or qualifications. 

The Open University’s annual Business Barometer survey found this skills gap is costing British businesses £4.4bn a year - they’re having to spend more on searching for recruits, offer above-market salaries to secure the right candidates or outsourcing to temporary staff and contractors. 

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Open University Business Barometer survey 2019

All this adds up to needing to:

This should go some way to helping lower drop out rates and ensure companies can increase employee retention.

No matter where anyone is moving from and to, there are universal challenges facing any expat. Even if there’s no language barrier, practical realities like knowing how to set up a bank account, how to get your phone connected or registering with a local doctor are immediate obstacles. 

The rental market is also notoriously difficult for people who are already in the city. With more than 2 million private renters in London, it’s always going to be a tough race to find the nicest places. Trying to secure somewhere to live from a different country brings adds an extra layer or three of difficulty. It creates the Catch-22 situation of needing a UK bank account and proof of UK address to be able to get a rental lease, essentially impossible if you’re not already living here.  

In an ideal world their new employers would be able to handle all these issues, but, in reality, many don’t have the capacity. 

Lyvly’s relationships with our corporate partners help to ease the burden on settling new employees. Tor Skinner from Tradeshift says that the relationship means there are extra benefits they can now offer, which is great for everyone. 


“We regularly hire from abroad for our European sales team so we've seen first hand just how difficult it can be to find accommodation in the London rental market. On top of that setting up a bank account, getting a NI number, registering at a GP, there's so much to do and we simply don't have the resource to guide people through this process. Since partnering with Lyvly things are so much easier - they not only help our new starters with their move start to finish, they answer all sorts of questions that we wouldn't even know where to start!”


The way our application and onboarding process is set up, solves a lot of the issues moving abroad can create. We have up to date 3D tours of all our homes, making it easier to know where you’ll be living from anywhere in the world. Lyvly also only requires proof of earnings through a contract or job offer to issue a lease, removing the difficulties of not having a bank account or proof of address.


Another huge issue of uprooting your life and emigrating to a new country is the real possibility that you don’t know anyone there. Homesickness and feeling alone can easily make the transition a lot more difficult - affecting a new worker’s ability to perform in their new job. Our community gives you a ready-made set of housemates.

You’re introduced by the Community Experience team, added to Whatsapp groups and get a real head start on making connections before arriving. Regular neighbourhood events and all over the city mean ensure there’s always something to do and people to meet, so your social circle can be as wide-ranging as you want to make it. 

Lyvly isn’t offering the perfect solution for a seamless move to London - that probably doesn’t exist. However, we believe our partnerships provide an enormous upgrade on what’s been possible in the past. Help with relocation or housing has always been there, but that rarely solved the problem of trying to transport you and your stuff to a new country or feeling isolated in new surroundings. Our furnished, ready to go homes are the base on which a new life can be built - with housemates, neighbours and friends you’ll happily travel across the city to see. 

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