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How our members community is structured

July 17, 2019 - Read time 4 mins

What is the Lyvly Community?

We believe that the definition of 'community' is outdated and misrepresented. Lyvly’s modern version extends beyond 'a group of individuals living in the same place' or simply 'sharing common attitudes or interests'. 

The purpose of an exclusive listing is to motivate the agent to sell the property quickly and at the highest price possible.


It starts at home and exists beyond the places you live; to the members in your area, wider city and world. Unlike other companies, we are not trumpeting ‘community’ as a marketing ploy, it’s the entire focus of our business. It's not controlled from HQ, members personally drive our community - we make sure they have the tools to make it happen. 

We are really proud that our community contains a wide range of characters from all over the world. Among our members, there’s entrepreneurs, consultants, bankers and artists to name a few. The types of jobs and industries vary hugely, as do everyone’s interest and hobbies, but they all are passionate about sharing their lives and doing more together. A community isn’t just about everyone working at the same place and enjoying the same things, it needs multiple voices with multiple points of view, otherwise there’s no growth or learning.


Why are there specific roles within the community?

We have created a community structure where members can choose to take on specific roles and responsibilities to help enhance the experience for themselves and other members.

However, ultimately everyone in the community plays a role; whether it is big or small, creating or learning. Our values drive us to create anything that contributes to:

  • Being together
  • Learning together
  • Doing together


Community Designers (Membership Committee)

We appoint members to these roles who contribute the most to the community around them. These members are our leaders in member experience. You can learn more about who's on the committee here. 

Committee duties

Within the membership committee we also have specific roles to help drive activity within our community, and ensure that all of our members have help and support.


Head Of Funds

This member helps manage all of the community finances. The membership fee which is paid when joining Lyvly, goes into the community finances and can then be accessed by all members in our community. This means that if you need a small injection to help get your group off the ground or just some help with an event you are trying to put together our Head of Fun(ds) can help you out.


New member ambassador

Arriving into your new Lyvly home and neighbourhood can be a really overwhelming time. This is why we have a new member ambassador to ensure that in your first month of joining Lyvly you have access to the wider community, and to make some of your first connections beyond your home. Our new member ambassador ensures that your first 90 days at Lyvly, are the most enjoyable possible.


Event Ambassador

Every member at Lyvly is able to and very much encouraged to host their own events. However, like everyone, we all need a bit of help sometimes. Our event ambassador is there to give advice, tips, and help your ideas off the ground. However, they are also responsible for holding events within the community and different neighbourhoods to connect members.


Group and interests Ambassador

The range of interests and passions our members have is huge, and all of them want to share their own as well as learn from others. However, building a successful and active interest group can be challenging. The ambassador is there to help get your interest group off the ground, build the structure and ensure your interest group is a success. But that there are also a diverse range of interest groups across the community that all members are aware of and know how to join.


Community Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the leaders of our local neighbourhoods and they look after all members in a specific area or location. You can meet our area ambassadors here. 

Ambassador duties


Community Creators 

At Lyvly, we strongly believe in creating the community you want to see. This is why we give the power to all of our members to create events, interest groups and meet ups.

At the moment we do this through Meetup. In addition to this, we encourage all of our members to create content and share information across the community.

Lyvly's foodie group

As a member (Community Creator) you can:

  • Create a one-off or ongoing series of events - this can be as big or small as you imagine.
  • Start an interest group - this could be for foodies, sport based. It’s up to you!
  • Request for funding support for interest groups, meet ups or events - this will go through the Community Designers.
  • Submit news or contribute to our blog.


Active Lyvly Members 

This is the most important role of all, as this is everyone else in our community who comes out to show support of member-led: events, meet ups and interest groups. These members are why Lyvly HQ, Designers, Ambassadors and Creators are so determined in putting on amazing experiences for the community.


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