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How we choose new Lyvly members

August 13, 2019 - Read time 4 mins

Why are we a members community?

At Lyvly we have always prided ourselves on being inclusive, and celebrated having such a diverse mix of members from different countries, industries and ages. When you join Lyvly, you aren’t just taking on a room in a home, you are joining a members community.

As a members community, we ask that all of our potential members apply. There aren't many restrictions on who can join, but our mission to cultivate a community of young professionals means: 

  • We have an age limit of 36
  • We don’t allow students who are studying their undergraduate degree

We have found that by limiting access to who can join the community has meant a more cohesive collection of like minded members who are in a similar life phase. 

Who at Lyvly chooses members?

When Lyvly first began, our team at HQ used to review all of the applications for members to join. This threw up the slight issue of us choosing members that we would like to live with, and they weren't going to be our roomies. To build a community that would work for the members, we needed to give the power to them.

We gave the members the opportunity to 👍 or 👎 each person applying to Lyvly by creating the membership committee. It's made up of our most engaged members, with nine currently sitting on it. There's a good mix of old and new, young and not so young, as well as age and gender.

It's a good cross section of people who really know what Lyvly is about and who would be a good fit. The committee has meant we can grow a community successfully of people our members would actually want to live and socialise with. 

The membership committee

How do you apply to Lyvly? 

Before you can move into a Lyvly home, every prospective member submits an application to give the committee a better idea who they are. 

It is made up of six questions:

  • Why are you applying to Lyvly?
  • Describe your regular week (Mon-Sun)
  • What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • Tell us your favourite fact(s) about yourself?
  • If you could take one thing (and one thing only) to a desert island, what would it be?
  • What else would like to tell us about yourself?

No multiple choice, no word limit, no restrictions.

Everyone has the freedom to write exactly what they want. It's not a test to see if you're funny or witty, more a chance to showcase who you are and why you'd be great for the community. It's a chance to be real. 

The committee also don’t have access to see:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Industry or workplace
  • Social media handles 

The committee aren't kept in the dark, but they will only find out enough to know whether someone is 'Lyvly material', so as to avoid any potential bias. 

Apply to Lyvly


It's also part of our rules that:

  • All of the applications are reviewed over 24 hours
  • You can only apply once
  • Your application (if approved) will be shared with your new housemates and matches across the community 

Lyvlys vetting process-1

What are we looking for in an application? 

Your personality.

There isn’t a trick to it, we just want to know as much about you as possible and get to understand the real you.

Tell us about your week day, how you like to spend your free time and the last places you travelled to.

We are interested to know about what you like and what you don’t like, this includes your passions about baking, your love of wine and enthusiasm for podcasts.

In our community we are blessed to have members who are interested in everything from bouldering to ballroom dancing and we think that this is what makes us pretty special.

Plus we are super enthusiastic if your passion is just eating out for dinner and a great series on Netflix - that's why we include it in our rental package.

If you need some inspiration, here's an example from a current member: 


"...I love a good chat which is why my friends said if I was an animal I'd be a parrot. Usually, at my best with some disco and funk on repeat - I think the world is always a better place when a boogie's involved. I like to keep it interesting whether it's my hair, the conversation or the travel location. I'd be lost without music, people, a good pair of black jeans and my big sis."


What happens if you get rejected?

This does happen, and to be honest it sucks. Short answers and a lack of care are the main reason applications get rejected.

But we do also know that our shared living community isn’t right for everyone and as the membership committee is based solely on majority votes we follow the lead of our members. 

Join the community

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