Clapham Area Guide: Why we love SW4 & SW11

November 21, 2019 - Read time 3 mins

If you’ve lived in London at any point in time, or have looked into buying a house in the capital, then we’re almost certain you would have heard of Clapham. Spanning the regions between and around the stations of Clapham Common and Clapham Junction, or the trendy postcodes of SW11 and SW4, there are many reasons that we, at Lyvly, are particularly keen on renting houses and apartments in the region.

Here’s a guide to the Clapham area that highlights why we love it, and why our members from our shared living community love it.  

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Why we love it

  • Location, location, location!

With four stations on the northern line, Clapham is a direct journey to busy work-hubs such as London Bridge, Bank, Moorgate or Old Street, so it’s easy to accommodate most of our members. 

  • Quality of homes

Most homes in Clapham are premium and beyond, with many three and four-bedroom apartments, which we at Lyvly love, and so do our members. There are plenty of Victorian terraces as well, with quite a few beautiful 6-bedroom houses as in our portfolio, ideal for shared living. 





Why our members love it

  • Bars & nightlife

Open mic night at Venn Street Records or Northcote Records on a Thursday are very “happening” apparently, (or so the young people tell us). Our members also recommened The Plough and King of Ladies Man.

Held every Saturday by the Common from 10am – 4pm, it’s a community food market that works directly with independent producers and farmers. Everything’s locally sourced, too. Not only is the food great, but you can sleep easy knowing that the ethos is supportive and environmentally friendly.

  • Restaurants & awesome brunch spots

Minnow in Clapham Common is a current Instagram hotspot for brunch and lunch.  Other favourites include Ben's Canteen, Brew, The Schoolhouse, Brickwood and of course, The Dairy. 

  • Location, location, location!

Apart from being a hop on the northern line to London Bridge, Bank, Moorgate or Old Street, as a bonus you can also get to St Pancras International in under 30 minutes, ideal for a weekend getaway to Amsterdam or Paris on the Eurostar🚆.

  • The homes
Last but not least, most of our members are drawn to Clapham because of the quality of homes. If you want to live in a beautiful yet affordable five-bedroom house, and in a residential yet very fun area, why go anywhere other than Clapham?


Clapham Fun Fact

The name Clapham, or variations of it, has been around for a while. Records date back over 1000 years, when the area was a small village in rural Surrey. The name originates from the original Clopp Ham, which when translated means ‘village (ham) by the short hill (clopp)’. It shifted to Clopeham along the way, and finally became Clapham.



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