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7 Tips To Connect With Your New Community

September 5, 2019 - Read time 4 mins

Moving into any house share can be pretty nerve wracking, especially when it is with someone who you might not have met before. Lyvly's application process means our members are hopefully all like-minded and looking to connect with each other, but, unlike my chocolate fondants, it's not a recipe for guaranteed success. 

Often among the stress of moving day, when you've left yourself 6 hours to pack your stuff and are constantly shouting "when did I buy ALL of this crap?!?", the little things get missed. 

The best way to make a house a home is to bond with the people you share it with, so here's our tips for making it happen. 

1. Swap numbers

First up, get those digits. It sounds pretty basic, but make sure you get the numbers of your new housemates and save them in your phone.


2. Get into the WhatsApp groups

Now you're all in each other's contacts list, get the group chat going. It's a great way to stay in touch with your housemates and not rely on just seeing each other before and after work to connect. 

On top of the house group chat, make sure you ask to get invited to the local area WhatsApp group as well. It is a great way to ensure you know everything that is going on in your local area, as well as connecting with members in your neighbourhood. If you're housemate is already in it, they can add you, or we can put you in touch with your local ambassador.

3. Make time to hangout

Moving is busy and stressful, especially if you are starting a new job at the same time. It's also rare to have tons of time when you get into the swing of London-life.

It's important to make sure you keep time free to connect with the people you're living with. As much as it sounds a little lame, schedule in some organised fun. Plan a Sunday dinner round the table, choose a show to all watch together on Netflix, pop to the local pub or just bring home some tasty treats to say hello. 

If you need inspiration for something to do, use our local area guide for your neighbourhood to find a new regular haunt. 

4. Share your routines

You never know but you might work close to each other, go to the same gym or love the same place for a quiet (or rowdy) drink. More importantly, understand how early someone might need to be getting up in the morning, how long they shower for and how late they go to bed.

Even if your paths are unlikely to cross, understanding everyone's timetable and respecting their routine is a great way to avoid friction and ensure your interactions are all positive and fun. Not hanging out can be the new way to bond...

5. Communicate

Communication is key in all relationships. Make sure you ask questions about each other as not everything will come from your biographies. Although it's always nice to know about pet peeves and what would be useful to someone on a desert island, there's always more to someone than their Lyvly application. 

Also, if there is something you don’t like or aren’t happy about - nobody is a mind reader. So if something needs to be said, just say it. Bubbling resentment is far more toxic than a frank discussion if you need to get something off your chest. 

6. Be considerate 

Everyone has off days, your housemate might not want to hang out with you all of the time, and vice-versa. And that is totally okay, me time is sometimes essential.



Much like in point 4 - not hanging out and considering someone's mood and need for space can be as effective for bonding as cooking the perfect roast chicken.

It's not like they are your only point of contact in the community, there is a whole network of other Lyvly members for you to connect with, in your neighbourhood and across the city. 

7. Be genuine

Real bonds are only formed by paying attention to who you are trying to with. If you aren’t your true self or show genuine interest, then that connection won’t work. 

Our community is built on people feeling they can be themselves, so embrace that. It's difficult to put up and maintain a front with people you are sharing your life with, and a lot less fun than everyone being relaxed and genuine around each other. 


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